O’Dwyer Family Bursary


An application may be made by any prospective Duchesne College student who will be commencing her first year of a full-time undergraduate university degree in 2018. Holders of other awards or scholarships are eligible to apply for the O’Dwyer Family Scholarship. The eligibility factors are listed below and you must meet all of the criteria to apply:

a)                  The student is one of the first “generation” of her family to attend any university (She may also have siblings who attend university);

b)                 The student comes from a family living in a rural or regional area of Australia;

c)                  The student has experienced a “hard” pathway to gaining university entry. This may be as a result of medical, financial or other family circumstances.

Selection Criteria

The award will be made on the basis of:

(a)          commitment to the degree/discipline to be undertaken;

(b)          commitment to the life and service of Duchesne College;

(c)           leadership and personal qualities;

(d)          demonstrated need.

The Award is tenable for one year and is to the value of $5000, granted as a remission of the College annual fee, half the amount of which will be applied at the commencement of each academic semester.              

O’Dwyer Family Bursary Established

The O’Dwyer Family has generously established an endowment to provide a scholarship for a student who, because of her circumstances, might otherwise be unable to undertake her undergraduate university studies as a resident of Duchesne College.

The establishment of the scholarship follows a long association between Pat O’Dwyer and the College, including his being a member of the Duchesne College Council from 2005 – 2013 and President from 2007 - 2012. The inaugural recipient of the scholarship is Madison Schrag. “I was ecstatic to learn that I was the first recipient of the O’Dwyer Family Scholarship. I am studying a Bachelor of Communication/Journalism and plan to pursue a career in Public Relations. By being awarded the O’Dwyer Family Scholarship, I am able to concentrate on the important things – my degree and college life – without having to worry. As the first member of my family to go to university, this is a big step for me and with the support of this scholarship I will be sure to be successful. The O’Dwyer’s generosity has allowed me to be one step closer to achieving my goals while also allowing me to become a member of the Duchesne family and for that I would like to extend my gratitude,” said Madison.

Fellowship of Duchesne College

Pat O’Dwyer was awarded one of two inaugural Duchesne College Fellowships, along with Rev Dr Ian Howells SJ, on April 10th 2014.

“The Fellowship of Duchesne College, the highest honour that the College Council can bestow, is hereby awarded to Mr Patrick Joseph O’Dwyer in recognition of his meritorious and distinguished services to the life and work of the College, to the Duchesne College Council and to the wider community.”

Patrick Joseph O’Dwyer was raised on a wheat, sheep and cattle farm at Boosey, near Yarrawonga, Victoria. He attended the local rural state primary school, where grades Prep to 6 had about 15 children in total, before moving to the Yarrawonga State High School for Years 7 & 8. He boarded at Assumption College, Kilmore, Victoria for grades 9-12. Pat was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship enabling him to study Metallurgical Engineering at the University of Melbourne where he was a resident of Newman College for the four years of his engineering study.

In 1972 Pat commenced work at Rosebery, West Coast of Tasmania at a copper-lead-zinc mine. For 18 years, he worked on the improvement of the operation and development of processing plants and a zinc refinery and built a silver-lead-zinc mine at Cobar, New South Wales. During this time, he married Kate Lennon in Hobart and they had three children: Rebecca, David and Alison. Ultimately Pat held the responsibility for producing 200,000 tonnes of refined zinc per year, with a workforce of 1,800 good people and dealing with 13 unions. Despite the demands of his career, Pat found time to play Aussie Rules in the Tasmanian football league and founded a team in Cobar. In 1987 his employer sent Pat to the Harvard Business School to study for the Programme for Management Development (PMD) three-month course. This introduced Pat to many different businesses and 150 people in business leadership from all around the world. In 1989 Pat joined a consultancy CMPS as their global marketing manager in mineral processing. Over the next eight years he developed businesses in copper production, zinc refineries, coal handling and aluminium refineries. From 1997 to 2004 through various mergers, acquisitions and company integrations, Pat was responsible for the leadership of 800 people in southern Queensland for GHD’s engineering, environmental, infrastructure and architectural consultancy business.

From 2005 to 2010 Pat was an Executive Director for GHD, responsible for many activities such as project leadership, people leadership, technical leadership, risk management and many other interesting areas. The company grew rapidly from 2,000 people to 6,000 people operating in 16 countries and having a revenue turnover of $1 billion per year.

In 2004, Pat was introduced to Duchesne College by his mentor, Mr Ross Pitt, who suggested he might benefit by joining the Duchesne College Council. Recognising the life-long impact of his college experience at Newman, Pat considered it would be an honour to try to return that benefit to others and therefore accepted the opportunity. Pat was a member of Council from 2005-2013 and the Chair of Council from 2006-2012, both of these being the maximum term allowed by the Constitution. In addition, he served as Treasurer for about two years. When Pat took up his role, it was a period of change as the Council prepared for the College’s transition from religious to lay leadership. He was part of the selection committee to appoint the first lay Principal, Mrs Nanette Kay. Throughout his term, he worked closely with the Principal to ensure that the College operated on a strong financial basis whilst strengthening the awareness of the ethos of Duchesne as a College in the tradition of the Sacred Heart. In 2008, he led the process to expand the College and commissioned the building of the Rose Philippine Wing, which was opened in 2009. This development, which raised student numbers to 200, provided some of the best student accommodation on campus and was instrumental in enabling the College to continue to flourish. As Chair of Council, Pat worked to ensure that the Council implemented and developed the highest standards of governance. Pat’s professional skills were not only directed to Duchesne over this time. In addition, he worked with a group of volunteers in the Jindalee and Darra parishes to design and build two new churches, a true indication of the strength of his faith.

In summary, Mr Patrick Joseph O’Dwyer has made continuous and valued contributions to Duchesne College over a period of nine years. This record of contributions to Duchesne is eminently worthy of recognition through the award of a Duchesne Fellowship.



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