Mission and Values

The Vision of Duchesne College

We aspire to be an inclusive Catholic women’s College in the tradition of the Society of the Sacred Heart.

Our Mission

Inspired by Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne and the Society of the Sacred Heart, our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing and caring environment for young women undertaking their university studies in Brisbane, an environment in which they are encouraged to explore their faith, achieve their full academic potential and live a full life as a member of this community and the wider community.

The Goals of Sacred Heart Education form the framework within which we seek to develop our core values.

Core Values

We seek: “Robur in Luce Veritatis”, “Strength in the Light of Truth”, as expressed in our motto.

We respect each individual within our community.

We embrace diversity and inclusivity.

We aim for the highest standards in all our undertakings.

We value and promote charity and service.

We are committed to our vision.


Goals of Sacred Heart Education

The Society of the Sacred Heart has established schools and colleges in many countries of the world, inspired by the works of the Foundress, Madeleine Sophie Barat. Each institution has developed a series of Goals and Criteria which underpins the life of its institution. The Goals and Criteria of Duchesne College, as defined by Sr. Mary Shanahan and Sr. Mary D’Apice, former Principals of Duchesne, are as outlined below.

Goal No. 1

The creation of an environment conducive to the living of Christian and academic values.


  • Striving to achieve a “genuine relationship of mutual interaction where each person both   receives and gives so that all may grow together”;
  • Providing known opportunities for support and pastoral care;
  • Meeting “the other as a unique person, having respect and affection for each other”;
  • Ensuring conditions conducive to study.


Goal No. 2

The developing of a sense of responsibility for each one’s own life and the life of the College and university community.


  • Guiding the students to achieve a sense of balance in their study and varied activities. Allowing them to exercise their freedom wisely while providing the support they need;
  • Helping them to recognise and withstand peer pressure contrary to their ideals and values;
  • Aiding them to acknowledge their own gifts and to offer them in service to the community, while at the same time helping them to accept their limitations. Make them aware that they are part of a wider university community.

Goal No. 3

The fostering of an active concern for the wider community and an availability to the wider community.


  • Bringing world issues to the attention of the students;
  • Helping them to an informed, critical approach to the society in which they live;
  • Encouraging involvement in community service.
  • Leading them through unselfish giving to “take part creatively in the common effort to transform the world”.
  • Increasing our awareness of the ministry open to us through contacts with conference groups, ex-students, visitors;
  • Appreciating the fact that we are part of a university community with the responsibilities involved.

Goal No. 4

The development of the students’ intellectual potential.


  • Providing academic help necessary to learning (eg Academic advisors, Assistants, study skills etc.);
  • Instituting some form of monitoring of progress;
  • Promoting awareness and appreciation of academic achievement;
  • Providing possibilities for stimulation to widen both intellectual and cultural interests.


Goal No. 5

The development and integration of faith.


  • Providing opportunities for continued growth in the understanding of their religion so that the students’ lives are shaped by an active faith;
  • Encouraging an appreciation of the Christian values found in the gospels, and a love of prayer;
  • Exploring meaningful ways of celebrating liturgy as a community of faith;
  • Leading them to a broad critical vision of the world enlightened by faith.


Crest and Motto

The name Duchesne, meaning “of the oak”, inspired the college motto “Robur in luce veritatis” Robur translates as either oak or strength, so the motto reads “Strength in the Light of Truth”


College Colours: Blue ('azure', cobalt blue) and gold ('or')

The Oak Spray: represents "Duchesne", literally translated from the French as "of the oak".

The Stars: the three five-pointed stars were chosen for two reasons:

  1. the resurrection of Duchesne was decided on during the Octave of the Epiphany;
  2. stars represent "light", and the name "Lucia", where the University is to be, is derived from "Lux, lucis, light". Three stars represent the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary (asked for by Our Lady at Fatima).

The Book: represents learning

How to Apply

How to Apply

Applications to Duchesne College are now open and are easy to do. Simply Download and complete the Application form along with the Application Interview form and mail them into the College.…

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Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships and Bursaries

Duchesne College seeks to nurture each of its students, in the tradition of Madeleine Sophie Barat. Acknowledging and celebrating ‘achievement’, in its widest sense, plays an important part in this.…

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College Facilities

College Facilities

The College boasts many facilities and services to our students, including a Learning Lounge, Wi-fi availability in common areas, 2 large common rooms, fully equipped Gym and over 200 single study bedrooms.…

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