Support Programs

Academic, Professional and Pastoral Support

A major benefit of residing at Duchesne College is the opportunity to develop a strong support network and the provision of a range of support programs. This support is particularly important as students make the transition from school and home to the new environment of university and college.


At Duchesne College, the main academic and professional support programs are:


Pastoral support is a further benefit of College life. Being away from home, it is reassuring for students and their families to know that pastoral support is available at all times. This is particularly important for first year students, 50% of whom are under-18 when they arrive at College. The Deputy Head and Dean of Students reside on site and are readily available to students; one of them is always on call to deal with situations which may arise out of office hours. In addition, the Student Club Executive and Resident Assistants provide invaluable pastoral support to the residents of the College and the College Administration team in the area of pastoral care.


  • Academic

    Whilst Duchesne does not select our students primarily on the basis of their academic achievements at school, we are proud of the high academic standards achieved at University. The College average GPA is approximately 5.3, well in excess of the University average.

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  • Service and Mission

    To live the Goals of Sacred Heart Education, Mission and Service play a large part in College Life and all students are expected to participate in this area.

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  • Leadership

    Residence in College offers many opportunities for the development of leadership skills. Many of our students have held significant leadership roles at school and all are encouraged to play a full and active part in the College community.

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