The Inter-College Sporting Competition (ICC) provides a fantastic opportunity for college students to compete in a variety of sports. Duchesne girls compete against female residents from seven other colleges within The University of Queensland. Each year, the college competes in 15 different sports, receiving points based on final placing in each sport. At the end of the year, the points are tallied to announce an overall winner. The sports  

* swimming


* badminton

* table tennis 

* cross country

* water polo,

* netball

* rowing

* hockey

* volleyball


*  touch football

* soccer

* basketball 

* athletics. 

The standard of play in the ICC competition is very high,  creating a great sense of friendly rivalry particularly as the year draws to a close. 

Duchesne has won the cup five times in the last nine years.


Duchesne College has a reputation, within the UQ college community, for displaying a high standard of skill and sportsmanship across all 15 competitive college sports. At Duchesne, we encourage girls from all sporting levels to participate in sport, whether it be the ICC competition or social sport competitions run on campus by UQ. Less common sports such as water polo and AFL even offer “come and try” sessions where girls can learn the rules and ways of the game in a fun and friendly atmosphere prior to trialling for the team. All  our players train hard throughout their respective seasons to develop their skills as a team, and this is reflected through success in competition. The girls at Duchesne appreciate the wide sporting opportunities college has to offer and strive to do their fellow residents proud when representing the college. The relationships built within our sporting teams contribute towards the sense of unity that the Duchesne community has to offer. This sense of belonging and pride in our college, teamed with our friendship and love for Duchesne, make us a force to be reckoned with across all sports. I feel very privileged to be able to give back to the college that has offered me so much through my role as Sports' Convenor this year. Seeing the hard work pay off for our teams and the joy that each game brings them is very rewarding. If you are considering college, in particular Duchesne, I can assure you that the ICC sporting  program has something for everyone and will provide you with relationships and memories that you will cherish forever.   Check out this link for a glimpse of the fun to be had.

Sophie Webb-Smith, Duchesne Sports Convenor 2016



The formidable table tennis and cross country teams

Supporting is just as much fun

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