Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships and Bursaries

Duchesne College seeks to nurture each of its students, in the tradition of Madeleine Sophie Barat. Acknowledging and celebrating ‘achievement’, in its widest sense, plays an important part in this. The further development of Awards, Scholarships and Bursaries is integral to the vision of Duchesne as a means of enabling students, who may not otherwise have the opportunity, to benefit from residence at Duchesne.

Bursaries at Duchesne College

Duchesne College promotes diversity and equality of access to a College experience. It is recognised that the majority of our students come from backgrounds where College fees present a considerable challenge. Virtually all students work in the holidays to assist with the payment of their fees and many students work in semester time to reduce the pressure felt by their parents. The College provides a variety of payment plans to take into account varying financial circumstances. However, it is clear that, without financial support, some worthy students would be unable to remain in residence.

Commencing in 2007, Duchesne College Council Bursaries have been awarded with the object of assisting a Duchesne College student to continue her undergraduate university degree whilst residing in College. In 2007, bursaries to the equivalent of one student fees were allocated. On average, the equivalent of three students’ fees has been allocated each subsequent year. Funding for these awards is from profits resulting from conference bookings. Thus far, 97 students have been recipients of bursaries. This is the equivalent of 26.5 students’ fees.

Duchesne College Council Bursary

Commencing in 2007, the Duchesne College Council Bursary has been awarded with the object of assisting a current Duchesne College student to continue her undergraduate university degree whilst residing in College.… Read more

Scholarships at Duchesne College 2019 - All applications close on 30th September, 2018.

The following scholarships are available for students commencing their undergraduate studies in 2019.

For further information, please contact the Head of College, Ms Kate Tully:  or (07) 3377 2333.

UQ and Duchesne College Music Achievement Scholarship

This scholarship is open to students who will be residents of Duchesne College and, in the year of the award… Read more

O’Dwyer Family Scholarship

An application may be made by any prospective Duchesne College student who will be commencing her first year of a full-time undergraduate university degree in 2017 and meets all of the criteria… Read more

UQ/Duchesne Young Achievers Scholarship

Duchesne College, in partnership with UQ, offers an accommodation grant for students who are part of the Young Achievers Program. … Read more

Indigenous Student Scholarships

Duchesne offers two scholarships for indigenous students.… Read more

Duchesne College Scholarship

The “Duchesne College Scholarship” has been established with the object of assisting a student to undertake her undergraduate university degree whilst residing in Duchesne College. The number of scholarships to be awarded each year (maximum of three) will be determined by the Duchesne College Foundation and the Duchesne College Council.… Read more

Duchesne Student Club Sporting Scholarship

The “Duchesne Student Club Sporting Scholarship” has been established with the objective of assisting a student to undertake her undergraduate university degree whilst residing at Duchesne College, based on her potential contribution to the sports program of the College. … Read more

Government Funding Link:

Tertiary Scholarships for rural and regional students:

Profiles of scholarship holders 

Sariah Xu – Music Scholarship

Sariah Xu, who had just completed her third year of B Music at the University of Queensland, is one of the most talented viola players of her age in Australia. She has benefited greatly by receiving a music scholarship to continue her studies whilst living at Duchesne. … Read more

Gabriella Blokland – Young Achievers Scholarship

Gabriella Blokland was attending St George State High School in 2011 when she was recommended by her Principal for the Young Achievers Program, offered by the University of Queensland. … Read more

Isabella Smith - The O'Dwyer Family Scholarship

My name is Bella and I’m from the small town of Longreach, located right in the centre of Queensland.… Read more



Duchesne College Foundation was established in 2013 to achieve a range of objectives. Provide financial assistance through scholarships and bursaries to students, development and improve the…

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The alumnae organise many events each year, from business and networking through to Social Gatherings. If you would like to attend and event or see what’s coming up, click below. We’d love to see you there!…

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Service and Mission

Service and Mission

To live the Goals of Sacred Heart Education, Mission and Service are key elements of College life and all students are encouraged to participate in this area. Each year, the Service Convenor…

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