Our Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision of the Duchesne College Alumnae Association

The Duchesne College Alumnae Association aspires to be an active, self-sustaining association of former residents of the College which provides a supportive network for members and supports the aims of the College.

Mission of the Duchesne College Alumnae Association

It is the mission of The Duchesne College Alumnae Association to work towards achievement of its vision through:

Working in partnership with the College and providing support for the College as it strives to meet its goals as a university College inspired by the vision of the Foundress of The Society of the Sacred Heart, Madeleine Sophie Barat.

Networking with members in order to maintain and enhance the fellowship of alumnae and their connection with the College and other alumnae.

Providing support for current and future students of the College through the recognition of Academic Achievement and embodiment of the motto of Duchesne College, "Robur in luce veritatis", or "Strength in the light of truth".

Goals for the Alumnae Association

Goal 1: The creation of an environment conducive to the living of Christian and academic values.
Goal 2: The developing of a sense of responsibility for each one's own life and the life of the College and university community.
Goal 3: The fostering of an active concern for the wider community and an availability to the wider community.
Goal 4: The development of the student's intellectual potential.
Goal 5: The development and integration of faith.

Aims and objectives of the Duchesne Alumnae Association (2010-2017)

Upgrade, update and maintain the Alumnae Association pages of the College website so it is able to be used as a powerful communication tool for the Association.

Improve connections, communication and contact with all alumnae in order to foster a strong sense of community.

Respond to and contribute to the College and its students through the recognition of success, by providing the annual Alumnae Award for Academic Excellence and the annual Alumnae Valedictory Award.

Work towards the provision of a bursary for a student who would otherwise be unable to attend the College.

Act as mentors and provide networking opportunities for current students and alumnae members.

Organise functions and activities which provide opportunities for Alumnae to connect with each other and the College, including regional functions and activities.

Contribute to the update of the College history, From Acorn to Oak.

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