The "Becoming a Professional" programme gives students access to alumnae, who are invested in sharing their expertise and experience with current students in a mentoring capacity. The Dean of Studies, Denis Brosnan facilitates this annual series and it can vary according to the needs of the students. The very nature of the duties of key staff see them mentoring students on a regular basis  through progress interviews. These are compulsory for first years students and encouraged for later years. Staff are carefully selected on the basis of their experience, so that they can mentor and support students on an incidental, daily basis as the need arises. Some of the staff have had up to 25 years experience in Residential Colleges and on University campus. All are familiar with the challenges of transitioning to University, from an academic, emotional and psychological perspective.

  • Academic

    Whilst Duchesne does not select our students primarily on the basis of their academic achievements at school, we are proud of the high academic standards achieved at University. The College average GPA is approximately 5.3, well in excess of the University average.

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  • Service and Mission

    To live the Goals of Sacred Heart Education, Mission and Service play a large part in College Life and all students are expected to participate in this area.

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  • Leadership

    Residence in College offers many opportunities for the development of leadership skills. Many of our students have held significant leadership roles at school and all are encouraged to play a full and active part in the College community.

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