Duchesne College Foundation

Without support, many families from rural and regional Australia could not even consider sending their daughters on to tertiary education because the cost of living, particularly accommodation, is too far out of their reach.  Just because of her location, a young women with the determination and character to succeed may never realise her full potential through a university education.  To address this inequity and put higher education back into the hands of young country women, the Duchesne College Foundation has developed a scholarship support program.


Duchesne College Foundation’s mission is to raise funds to enable the College to accept students on the basis of access and equity and to provide the necessary resources to support the College’s capital works requirements and special programs.

  • Background

    Duchesne College Foundation was established in 2013 to achieve a range of objectives. Provide financial assistance through scholarships and bursaries to students, development and improve the building and facilities within the college to name but a few.

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  • Chair of the Foundation

    It has been a time of ‘implementation and learning’ during the inaugural year of the Duchesne College Foundation. The Foundation, like any new enterprise with limited resources, has experienced typical 'start up' obstacles - such as the lack of a workable database which significantly affects our ability to engage with our potential philanthropic community.

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  • Stories

    Read some of our wonderful scholarship stories.

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