College Council and Management 

The College is governed by a Council consisting of:  Such representatives of the Society of the Sacred Heart (up to three) as shall be appointed by the present Councillors.  Such representative of the Bishops of Queensland (up to three) as shall be appointed by the present Councillors.  A maximum of ten lay persons elected by the Councillors of the College.  One other person appointed by the Senate of The University of Queensland as its representative, if such representative is not already a Councillor.           

The Head of the College - CEO (ex-officio);The Deputy Head of the College (ex-officio); The President for the current year of the Duchesne College Student Club (ex-officio)    

College Council 2017

Mrs Helen Sinclair (Chair)

Ms Gina McLellan (Vice)

Mrs Thérèse Eddy

Dr Josephine Bowles

Mr Mike Brady

Sister Rita Carroll rscJ

Mrs Fiona Forrest

Ms Tricia Kennedy

Ms Melanie Lord

Mrs Geraldine O'Brien

Mr James O'Connor

Bishop Joseph Oudeman OFM Cap

Ms Jayne Shallcross

Mr Michael Zivic

Mrs Clare Goodwin 

Ms Grace Shuttleworth (Student President)

While the various Councillors are elected, appointed, or nominated by different bodies, representing different interests, it is their responsibility, individually and jointly, to serve the College by making policies and taking decisions for the short- and long-term good of the College. The generosity and hard work of Councillors contribute much to the life of Duchesne College. The President of the Council and the Councillors constitute a Body Corporate by the name of Duchesne College. The Council meets four times a year. Council members regularly attend College functions and enjoy playing a part in the Duchesne community.