Although Duchesne students are not selected on the basis of their secondary academic achievements , we boast an average GPA of 5.30 across the College.The Dean of Students, Mr Denis Brosnan,  co-ordinates an effective Tutorial Programme, which is designed to support students as they transition into their chosen courses. Tutors are employed and shared across the Lakes Colleges to ensure that there are multiple opportunities to garner support. Furthermore, the Dean is available for one-on-one academic counselling which is invaluable, particularly in the first semester of the first year when students are finding their feet. An additional advantage is that the tutors are more often than not, past students who have either graduated, or are about to graduate, from the same  or similar course. 

Academic Achievements: Semester 1, 2016 – Key Facts
Something we do every semester is to examine students’ academic results as soon as they became available. (With deferred assessment, this can take some time.) I did this in the context of each student’s entire Studies Report, thus considering 2016/1’s together with previous tertiary results, where applicable. This enabled the College to give more timely support whenever this was appropriate.

Of a total of 784 results for individual courses/subjects/units, passing grades were distributed as follows:
7 (High Distinction) – 109
6 (Distinction) – 231
5 (Credit) – 255
4 (Pass) – 133
P (Ungraded Pass) – 9

The final Grade Point Average for the College was 5.25. To give a broad-brush indication of the significance of this fact, it is worth noting that under UQ’s Admission Rules, this GPA – when sustained - yields a Rank of 97, which is comparable to an OP2. The average OP (or equivalent) of those students enrolled at Duchesne in 2016/1 was approximately 6. This means that, on average, our students would be regarded as having jumped the equivalent of 4 OP Bands because of the high level of their academic achievements.
On 18 August, in a packed Dining Room, we celebrated the achievements of our students at our Academic Awards Dinner. Academic Certificates were presented to all 55 students who had achieved a Grade Point Average of at least 6. 
Denis Brosnan
Dean of Students

  • Academic

    Whilst Duchesne does not select our students primarily on the basis of their academic achievements at school, we are proud of the high academic standards achieved at University. The College average GPA is approximately 5.3, well in excess of the University average.

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  • Service and Mission

    To live the Goals of Sacred Heart Education, Mission and Service play a large part in College Life and all students are expected to participate in this area.

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  • Leadership

    Residence in College offers many opportunities for the development of leadership skills. Many of our students have held significant leadership roles at school and all are encouraged to play a full and active part in the College community.

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